K5TRA 144, 432, 902, 1296 and 2304 Station

K5TRA 50, 222 and 10 GHz Station (also HF)

"The World Above 50 MHz"    Presented at RMG Forum - Austin Summerfest 2015

"Fun with Roving"    Presented at RMG Forum - Austin Summerfest 2015

"K5TRA Presentation - 2019 Microwave Update Conference"
Lewisville, TX
Board Level Impedance Matching - manuscript Board Level Impedance Matching - slides

"RMG Tech Talks"
2018 RMG & NTMS - Belton, TX
6M Phase Steerable 2x2 Endfire Array Circular Collinear Omnidirectional Array
900 MHz FM Network in Central Texas

"Getting Onto the Microwave Bands"
2015 RMG - Austin, TX
Transverters - by N5YC Plumbing - by NO5K
Antennas - by K5VH Microwave Operating - by W0JT

2014 Central States VHF Society Conference
Austin, TX
Conference Proceedings 1296 MHz Remote PA & LNA - K5TRA
Conference Presentations A Common Design for 6M Through 33CM Beacons - K5TRA

K5TRA Station

Weak signal operation from 6M through 1296 MHz. and 10 GHz Shown are 2 IC-820H transceivers. One is used for 144 MHz and 432 MHz. The other is used as IF radio for 902 MHz and 1296 MHz transverters. Six meter operation is provided by FT-2000D that is also used as the IF radio for a 222 MHz transverter and for a 10 GHz transverter. All of these transverters have been designed and built from scratch by K5TRA. The latest addition to the station is 2304 MHz. That transverter is a Kuhne (DB6NT) MKU23G2 with a 144 MHz IF. You may also find the link to my "Antenna Farm" interesting.