Antennas and Propagation
Yagi design Yagi stacking
Original Yagi Uda paper Stacking dissimilar Yagis - WA5VJB
Log-Periodic design Helical collinear (H-polarized) omni - K5TRA
6M phase steerable 2x2 endfire array - K5TRA Circular collinear (H-polarized) omni - K5TRA
Isolation VS horizontal spacing Isolation VS vertical spacing
Estimating Path Loss Field Strength - Sensitivity
Ground Gain Slotted Cylindar Antennas
Long Slot Antennas Alford Slot Antenna - SM6PGP
Linear Arrays - K5TRA

Broadband Z-Matching
Broadband Amplifier Design Techniques - K5TRA

Cavity and Combline Filters, Combiners, and Duplexers
Filters, Combiners, and Duplexers - K5TRA Narda Combline 900 MHz Duplexer - K5TRA
Motorola T-1500 UHF Duplexers Transformers, Splitter-Combiners, and Hybrids - K5TRA

Central States VHF Society Conference - 2014 Austin, TX
Conference Proceedings 1296 MHz Remote PA & LNA - K5TRA
Conference Presentations Common Design for 6M to 33CM Beacons - K5TRA

Equalizers & Attenuators
Design of matched equalizers