Antennas and Propagation
Yagi design Yagi stacking
Original Yagi Uda paper Stacking dissimilar Yagis - WA5VJB
Log-Periodic design Helical collinear (H-polarized) omni - K5TRA
6M phase steerable 2x2 endfire array - K5TRA Circular collinear (H-polarized) omni - K5TRA
Isolation VS horizontal spacing Isolation VS vertical spacing
Estimating Path Loss Field Strength - Sensitivity
Ground Gain

Broadband Z-Matching
Broadband Amplifier Design Techniques - K5TRA

Cavity and Combline Filters, Combiners, and Duplexers
Filters, Combiners, and Duplexers - K5TRA Narda Combline 900 MHz Duplexer - K5TRA
Motorola T-1500 UHF Duplexers Transformers, Splitter-Combiners, and Hybrids - K5TRA

Central States VHF Society Conference - 2014 Austin, TX
Conference Proceedings 1296 MHz Remote PA & LNA - K5TRA
Conference Presentations Common Design for 6M to 33CM Beacons - K5TRA

Various coax specs

Equalizers & Attenuators
Design of matched equalizers

Microwave Filters - an Overview Bandpass Filters
Hairpin Combline BPF Zig-Zag Hairpin Combline BPF
Interdigital BPF Interdigital Equivalent
Narrow Bandstop Exact Bandstop
Ceramic Resonator BPF - K5TRA Enclosure Effects
Multiplexers Lumped Manifold Multiplexer
Contiguous-Channel Multiplexers Evanescent Mode Circular WG Filter - K5TRA

HBT Ballast
HBT Ballast Design - K5TRA

K5TRA MMICs (published / non-proprietary)
A Compact High Gain 2-20 GHz Amplifier GaAs MMIC Transceiver for 2.4 GHz
VSAT MMIC Chip-set 2.4 and 5.8 GHz MMIC PAs
High Performance 6-18 GHz 2W PA - K5TRA RFIC Symposium Workshop: Switched Doherty PAs
Switched Doherty PAs for CDMA & WCDMA Efficient Tri-State PA

Motorola App Notes
AN267 Matching Network Design with Computer Solutions AN593 Broadband Linear Pushpull Power Amplifiers
AN721 Impedance Matching Networks for RF Power Transistors AN749 Broadband Transformers and Power Combiners
AN860 Power MOSFETS vs BIPOLAR Transistors AN1034 Three Balun Designs for Pushpull Amplifiers
AN1526 RF Power Device Impedances: Practical Considerations AN1539 An IF Communication Circuit Tutorial
AN1639 Phase Noise Measurement using Phase Lock Technique AN1643 RF LDMOS Optimum Biasing

Noise Figure
Noise Figure Primer Noise Figure Measurements with Spectrum Analyzer

Power Amplifiers
RF Power Transistors & Amplifiers PA Design Fundamentals
RF Power Amplifier Design PushPull PA IC's and Modules - K5TRA
LDMOS Ruggedness Reliability LDMOS SOA Considerations
LDMOS Power Microwave Applications 50V RF LDMOS

 Quasi-Lowpass (allpole) Z-Matching Circuit Design
Chebyshev Quasi-LP Design with Lumped LC Butterworth Quasi-LP Design with Lumped LC
Chebyshev Quasi-LP Design with Distributed Elements Reactance Absorption in Quasi-Lowpass Z-Matching Circuits

RF Transformers
Wideband Transformers Broadband Transformers - Ruthroff
Transmission-Line Transformers - K5TRA

Smith-Chart Z-Matching
Board Level Impedance Matching - slides Board Level Impedance Matching - manuscript
Color Smith Chart 8.5"x11" Form 1296 MHz PreDriver (+31 dBm) Z-Matching - K5TRA

 Waveguides - Rectangular, Circular, Transitions
Circular Waveguide Circular Waveguide Analysis
Circular Waveguide to Coax Transitions Waveguide to Coax Transitions
Waveguide Technology Rectangular and Circular Waveguides