443.075 MHz repeater TX/RX, VHF remote base, RC210 controller & DMR Bridge

Motorola T1500 duplexer and MASTR-II 100W PA

444.5 MHz TKR-820 repeater with allstarlink interface in RMG Beacon Barn

K5TRA Repeater Configuration

The transmit, receive, and remote base radios are Yaesu FT-7800. The 100W PA is from a GE MASTR-II. A Motorola 4-cavity T-1500 duplexer provides a little over 1 dB insertion loss with isolation near 100 dB. An Arcom RC-210 3-port controller supports (1) repeater, (2) VHF remote base, and (3) Allstarlink operation. Any combination of these ports can be connected from DTMF control. The Linux Allstar server can also support EchoLink and IAX (smart phone) operation.

EchoLink and the *CARE_HUB* linking reflector

The *CARE_HUB* EchoLink Conference was discontinued in 2017. One of several EchoLink connection paths is through WA5YZD-R. Please feel free to connect as long as DTMF / courtesy tones / ID tones / etc. are not transmitted over the link.

Click for current connections

The K5TRA 443.075 (PL:123.0) repeater also links through Allstar to the K5TRA 444.5 (PL 110.9) and the AARC 444.2 (PL 107.2) repeaters. An Allstarlink connection can be made through node 43456. Allstar and EchoLink ports are not usually bridged (although, this is possible).

Some mobile installation photos